Whether she is speaking to women’s organizations, churches, parenting groups, educators,  or business leaders, Mazi Robinson gives voice to the real issues and concerns facing women, families, and leaders in today’s society. Mazi is an experienced speaker specializing  in personal and professional growth and enrichment. Engaging and inspiring audiences comes naturally to her, as she empowers and equips her listeners to meet life’s challenges with confidence and courage. She conducts lively and interactive presentations inspiring and motivating individuals to fully seize their personal and professional potential.

As a licensed counselor, Mazi brings a unique blend of knowledge, expertise, and real life application to her speaking. Each speaking session is well researched and thoughtfully prepared as Mazi provides insight into how and why we think, feel, and act the way we do in our individual and relational lives.

Mazi has presented to such organizations as The Home Depot, Chick-fil-A,  Georgia Institute of Technology, North Point Community Church, Buckhead Church, Peachtree Presbyterian Church, Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, Kairos Church, MS Society of Georgia, CREW Atlanta,Pace Academy, Marist School, MOPS, Ridgeview Institute, and additional churches/schools/non-profits.

Whether focusing on personal or professional related issues, she speaks to the heart of her audience by addressing such topics as self worth, living courageously, vulnerability, emotionally healthy relationships, worry and anxiety, life stage transitions, effective communication, leadership development, and spirituality.

Personal Enrichment and Growth
As a motivational speaker, Mazi crafts her presentations around the specific needs and goals of the group/event allowing audience members to walk away feeling encouraged and inspired.  Below is a sampling of Mazi’s seminars:

The Beauty of Being Enough
Living This One Life Well
Embracing Your Story
Be Brave, Be You

Being The Mom I Can Be
Believing Your Love Story
Set Free to Be Free
(re)Discovering You
BFF:  Better, Fuller Friendships
Loving Difficult People
Noticing Goodness, Practicing Gratitude

Living Loved When You Don’t Feel Loved
Building Emotionally Healthy Relationships
Forgiveness:  What is it and How Do We Do It?
Welcome to the Arena:  Learning to Live Brave and Dare Greatly
Room at the Table:  Understanding God’s Unique Purpose for Women
It’s About Time!  Effective Strategies to Manage Your Life and Your Time
Did You Really Just Say That?  Solving the Mystery of Male/Female Communication
When Life Gives You Lemons… Learning to Conquer Life’s Disappointments and Discouragements

In addition, Mazi also leads retreats on such topics as:
Living Loved
Set Free to Be Free
Your Story, God’s Purpose
Bold and Bright
Revived, Renewed, Restored
Cleaning House:  Letting Go of the Clutter in Our Hearts and Minds

The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong workshops/retreats
Mazi is also a Certified Daring Way Facilitator and facilitates both Daring Way™ and Rising Strong workshops.  The Daring Way™ is a powerful and life changing experience that is based on Dr. Brené Brown’s years of research on shame and vulnerability.  Rising Strong is a process that teaches us how to rise and recover after experiencing any sort of disappointment, frustration, heartbreak.  Mazi holds these unique retreat experiences and groups for women, couples, small groups, and corporate groups. If you would like to learn more about The Daring Way™, Rising Strong, and any upcoming retreats Mazi is holding, please CLICK HERE.


Team Building, DISC Assessment and Leadership Development Training
In addition to being a motivational speaker, Mazi also facilitates professional development trainings for teams and leaders and has conducted leadership development trainings for many Atlanta clients.  As a Certified DISC Trainer, she offers a variety of workshops using the DISC Personality Assessment to provide insight into an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and natural tendencies.  Studies show that only 15% of success in the workplace can be accounted for with technical skill, while 85% comes from people skills.  Using the four basic personality styles of Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive, Cautious, the DISC Personality  model allows people to understand their unique personality and why they think, feel, and act they way they do.  Using the principles of the DISC, Mazi helps teams and leaders discover their true voice as they learn to communicate more effectively, lead more successfully, and manage conflict more productively.

In these leadership development trainings, participants discover and explore their unique personality style and how to work more effectively with others.  Business, education, and church leaders will benefit from these fast-paced and interactive trainings as they take their leadership and management skills to the next level.  Professional development topics include:

Understanding Personality Styles
Teaching with Style
Conflict Management
Discovering Your Decision Making Style
Unlocking Your Secret Keys to Success

If you are interested in booking Mazi for your next event, women’s/couples retreat, meeting, training, or professional development, please email her at mazi@mazirobinson.com.