Coffee Talk presents... Embracing Your Story

As I have shared in earlier posts, over the past several months I have been studying and thinking  a great deal about the power of  personal stories.  What can you learn from your story?  How do the ups and downs and twists and turns create a greater theme for your life?  Why is it important we embrace our stories? We each were given a story to live, and there are parts we love and parts we try to ignore.  Embracing our story means accepting the beautiful and painful parts.  It means we choose to show up and be seen in our lives rather than hide and stay quiet.  How do you discover your unique purpose for this life?  It's in your story!  Your purpose, your calling is woven into the fabric of your unique story.  You need only learn the story, and as you learn your story, you will see that nothing is wasted.  The pain that plagues you, the disappointment that troubles you, the regret that haunts... none of it is a waste.  The pain heals, the disappointment subsides , the regret is redeemed, and it all comes together to create direction and purpose for your life.

Over the coming weeks, I will share more about the power of owning and sharing our stories.  If you are in the Atlanta area, I invite you to join us at Coffee Talk hosted by Peachtree Presbyterian Church on Tuesday, November 12th at 7:30 PM in The Lodge.   I will be speaking on embracing your story and living a life filled with courage and purpose.  Would love to see you there!  Have a great weekend!