Thoughts for Thursday- Giving Time to the Important Things

Slide1 What matters to you?  What is important to you?  What is really important?  Do you know?  And if you know, does your life bear that out?  Meaning, if I followed you around for a week would I be able to accurately identify what is a priority to you based on how you spend your time and energy?

Sometimes when we are in a particularly busy season of life we can get so overwhelmed by the “busy” that we struggle to even know our true priorities.  A priority is a guiding value, a thing that is regarded as more important than another and therefore takes precedence.

We have to know the difference between the things that actually are important to us versus the things we think should be important to us.  If we try to build our priorities on “should” thinking, we will always be in danger of letting the less important things in our life crowd out those things we truly value.  When the things that matter least take precedence over our true priorities, life is less satisfying and fulfilling.  We then start to feel burnt out and resentful of how we are spending our time.  When we choose to give the important things our consistent time and energy, we build contentment, peace, and a sense of purpose into our lives.

What are you giving precedence in your life right now?  Is that what you want to take precedence?  What do you need to say no or yes to today that will allow the things that matter most take in your life take precedence?

Have a great weekend!