Thoughts for Thursdays- Embracing Change


This past week I read a book on learning to develop and live out a better personal story.  There were so many interesting nuggets of wisdom, and I look forward to sharing them with you later.   Something the author discussed stood out to me and made me think of this Muhammad Ali quote.  The author said that one of the important elements to any good story, whether it is fiction or your real life story, is transformation.   How does the character in the story change from beginning to end?  What does he learn along the way?

One of the universal goals of life is to change and evolve.  We were not created to remain as we were at birth or in young adulthood or in mid-life.  We were created to grow and develop.  We see that truth so obviously in our physical selves, but are we as open to that idea in our psychological and emotional selves?  Are we open to change or do we resist it or avoid it?

How have you changed in your personal story?  Are you allowing yourself room to change and grow?  How are you different from who you were five or ten years ago?  Do you like those changes?  Why or why not?