Thoughts for Thursday- Getting rid of the pain

Heartache, sadness, grief, anger, and hurt can feel scary and overwhelming.  Stubbed hearts really do hurt.  These feelings are hard to understand, and so often when we don’t understand something we just want it to go away.  We have all sorts of ways we try to make our feelings go away- we work more, we eat more, we drink more, we busy ourselves with more to do lists.  These methods seem to work for a while, but eventually we realize ignoring the pain won’t make it go away.  Instead, all the pain that we sweep under the rug builds up and we eventually trip over it.

We do more harm to ourselves by fearing and avoiding our feelings than by sitting in them and trying to learn something from them.  Your feelings will not swallow you whole.  They will not take you over.  Our feelings tell us something, and they tell us something very important.  If we ignore or avoid them, then we miss the lesson.

Feeling the pain is how we let go of the pain.   It is in feeling the pain that we find strength.  Strength is not avoidance.  Strength is letting yourself look into the pit and know that if you fall in you have the wherewithal to climb back out.

What part of your pain have you been avoiding?  What feelings make you feel the most uncomfortable?  What needs to happen in your life to help you start feeling the sadness you have tried to sweep under the rug so that you can truly let go?