Thoughts for Thursday


As I have shared before, I love quotes.  I have quotes all over my home and my office.  I have always had this idea of having a room wallpapered floor to ceiling with quotes on different colored post-its.  (I do realize that this might look a bit creepy and somewhat akin to a serial killer’s office so I doubt that little interior design daydream will ever come to fruition, but you get the point… I love to surround myself with quotes.)  In truth, that is one of the reasons I like Pinterest… for the quotes… and for the recipes.  I mean, come on, I am never going to make a child’s desk out of a cabinet door.  I love discovering new quotes, mulling over their meanings, and hearing quotes other people find inspiring.  I often gravitate towards certain quotes for particular seasons of life, and the quote becomes a little bit like a mantra for me.  I repeat it over and over and glean encouragement or peace from it as I walk through that valley or across that mountaintop.


Quotes serve as little reminders, encouragers, and coaches along our way.  We can collect them and keep them in our mental filing cabinet, and when we need them they are there.  Sometimes I find I remember quotes I had no idea I actually filed away, but when a certain event occurs or circumstance happens, the quote pops into my mind.


So out of my love for quotes and the importance I think they play in our journey, I wanted to create Thoughts for Thursday.  Every Thursday I will post a quote.  Sometimes I might talk about what I think is significant or thought provoking about the quote, and sometimes I might just let it stand on its own.  Sometimes words are so powerful they need no explanation or discussion.  I hope some of these quotes will resonate with you and your journey.  Write them down.  Share them with friends.  Pin them.  Ponder over them.  Also, please feel free to send me quotes you love and that you would like to share with others!  I would love to hear some of your favorites!


Before I sign off, let me share a little about our first quote.  I discovered this quote several months ago.  It has served as an encouraging companion in this most recent leg of my journey and has become a mantra of sorts for me lately.  Sometimes we have to choose faith over fear, gut reaction over logic, the unknown over the known.  Sometimes the only way to move forward, because staying in place is no longer an option, is by faith.  Sometimes we take the mode of transportation that is available even if you don’t have every question answered and worst case scenario solved.


Take care!