I wanna see you be BRAVE!

Whenever I keep hearing about the same thing from several different people, I know that means I need to check it out.  Over the past week I have been hearing about this new song by Sara Bareilles called BRAVE.  People have told me that I will love it and that it is right up my alley, and, boy, were they right!  It. is. awesome.  It fits so well with our theme this week of facing our fears and breaking out of our comfort zone that I just had to share it. There are so many things in our lives that confine us and silence us.  Finding your voice and holding on to it is not work for the faint of heart.  Discovering and embracing the real you takes daily practice.  It is SO much easier to stick with the known.  It is less risk to remain quiet.  It is more comfortable to keep things small.  But what if you stopped doing what you've always done?  What if you spoke up?  What if you tried something different?  What if you stepped out on faith?   What if you were BRAVE?

So here is our anthem for this week.  Listen to it.  Turn the volume all the way up.  Dance.  Sing along.   You won’t regret it!  :)

You can do this.  You can be BRAVE!  Show everyone how BIG your BRAVE  is!


In case you missed it, click here for the link.